Thursday, April 05, 2007

Return To Tokyo

My stay in Tokyo was a blur really.

I received a free upgrade from BA to World Traveller class, half way between economy and club. But, saw no difference at all. If I'd paid extra money for an upgrade I would have been sorely disappointed.

Arrived in Tokyo with monumental jetlag. Worst I've ever had. Met with Helmut who took me to his flat in Ueno. Met with Eli and walked round Ueno Park to see the cherry blossom and the over to Sendagi to see Dave.

However by this time I was so tired my lolling head and drooping eyelids were an embarrassment and I made my excuses pretty early and left. Sorry Dave!

Also met a guy called Scott who replaced me as teacher and also, it turns out, lives in my old tin can house in Akabane.

"Did you try the electric ring?" I asked

"Yeah" he said "it took me 35 minutes to boil a pan of water"

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