Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coogee: Not Like Cleethorpes

The next day Kristy's housemate James (from Grimsby) took me for a spin in his super sat-navved-up Lexus.

Round Coogee (pronounced Could Gee, not Cooooogee) and on to Bondi Beach.

Now this is more like it. Blistering heat. Endless beaches. Endless bikinis. I was so impressed.

Over to Bondi where my friend SJ used to live (if you're reading this SJ - which cafe did you work in?) and a burger and a beer whilst watching a light aircraft paint an advert in white smoke into the deep blue sky.

This is Tamarama Beach....

This is Bondi Beach...

This was the sky writing logo above the bar...

This is my tour guide, James, in his fancy Lexus

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Sarah-Jane said...

It is called the Bondi Tratt and it's at the south end opposite the outdoor swimming pool. If you go in and ask for ketchup with anything, I don't know you. If you happen to go in of an evening and can resist asking if they do kebabs or pies, my friend Lee-Anne is the manager. She is lovely. Say hello from me.

I used to live at the north end of Bondi - that little white block of flats next to the park.

How many layers of skin have you lost so far?