Sunday, April 08, 2007

She's A Perfect 10

Australia is full of beautiful people.

At one point I think I might have been the ugliest person in a 2 mile radius. That's bad because my average is usually 1 mile.

The people here look like they've been designed by computer and then grown in a vat. They are perfect. They are untouchable.

Compared to this lot with their tits and teeth and abs and pecs, I'm like The Elephant Man on holiday.

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robb said...

Phil... dont worry... after a few months you will be thinner (its hot so you will eat less), you'll get a tan (because of the sun), you'll pick up the accent (everything is a question)... and dont worry about the hair loss as its trendy to shave it off.

Oh yeah... loose the jeans, get some boardies and thongs (flip-flops).