Thursday, April 05, 2007

Got Your Number

The next night was one of my best friend's, (George) stag do.

Still reeling with a hangover from last nights session, I made my way down to London and to former flatmate Andy's brand spanking new house. He now lives with someone called Phil. Is there something he's not telling me?

Out in the evening to the stag do. George dressed up as the bloke from the 118 118 ads with white vest and drooping tache. Ran into some slappers on a birthday party. Best man, Giacomo, was in there like a dirty rat up a very dirty drainpipe.

Finished the evening by drawing beards on each other with big marker pen. Realised about 10 minutes later that if it didn't come off, I was going to have a difficult time in customs.

I gave Giacomo a Scarlett Pimpernell/dastardly cad twirly tache and he gave me a George Michael in the toilet

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