Thursday, April 19, 2007


There's thing, right? And they call it the AQI? The Australian Questioning Intonation? Like everything is a question? Always going up at the end of a sentence?

And it's like really annoying?

And even English people do it? Even though they've been here like only two weeks?

And there's like this one person? Who breaks all their sentences? Up into smaller questions?
And is? Only? One? Step? Away? From? Doing? It? Like? T?H?I?S?

I really hope I don't catch myself doing it?

Otherwise I'll like totally have to punch myself in the face?


Paul said...

Awesome mate.

Remember when someone asks "How yer going" you want to say "good mate" rather than "not too bad" or "fine". Otherwise you're a whinging pom.

robb said...

I dont find it annoying... but you will start doing it... I guess its a bit annoying if you are not going anywhere - if I was asked it right now I would reply 'I am not going anywhere as I'm stuck behind this desk at work for the next few hours'... but look, there I go, whinging again, must be a pom.

If I think back to what the English (pom) version was at school it was 'alwright' - sort of Micheal Barrymore but more drawn out and slower. The reply was 'alright'... the funny thing is that you dont determine if anyone actually is alright or not. So the Ozzie version is much more informative.

Also, you won't lose these sayings when you get back. I still say to my missus, "fancy a barbe" to which she will reply "yep, but where is the eske" followed by "dont forget your sunnies".
If its a sunny day she might refer to "slip, slap, slop" which is not as rude as it sounds as its all about not getting sunburnt when you are sunbaking (sunbathing).

I also cant stop saying 'no worries'. This is 5 years later and I do it with a full southern english accent, without a tan and with no beach or speedos in sight.

Have you got a pair of speedos yet? They are compulsory on some beaches.